A Self-Introduction

Everyone of us possess our individual ideas when it pertains to our desired job and while some people prefer the glamour of office work, that will be just not for me. I ended up at one moment of time, living under such illusion. I still remember strongly how everytime I went on the road and bump into a person who was smartly dressed up in professional suits and thought they were fabulous. That prompted my conviction to ascend the corporate ladder and be like them one day.

Now it is 2 year right after my graduation and things are not quite identical as they used to appear to me. I was prompt to learn that corporate jobs were unexciting and they were not even close to the ideal pictures that I imagined them to be. Don’t be mistaken. It isn’t actually that I failed to manage to end up in big conglomerates and truth be told, I secure myself into among the many world’s most admired firms. But the 2 years I spent there was really not fun and regardless of how much I attempted to enjoy my job, I simply could not do it until eventually I ultimately believed I’ve had enough.

A number of people would call me impulsive or unversed but I feel that I have prepared what I’m supposed to perform preceding to arriving at my decision, for example try to learn how my classmates were doing with their work. I do not come across many of them to be in more exciting position than myself. I can surely convey to you that financial is not the issue here. Salary-wise, we are well treated even though that we are still digging ourselves away from the economic depression.

If I was looking for a stable job, I might stick on with my job. You might label me childish but it really was the office politics that pushed me to the brink. I despise it when I have to be not who I am. I relish getting into feuds but not when it is merely for the interest of arguing rather than chasing the best interest. I made an effort to envision what I would like to be two or three decades from this moment and I assured myself that I just cannot envision myself working the same thing and still be delighted. My life is too priceless, I divulged to myself. Since my commitment to call it quit, I never look back and it is a commitment which I won’t regret.

For me, I am still better off than most of my friends as I maintained my way of life easy and accumulated adequate savings for the 2 years to enable me to pursue my interest now. I am at this point relishing myself 100 PERCENT of the time and in contrast to previously when I had to dread waiting for the clock to strike 6, time flies these days.

I am publishing this blog site out of interest and I just would like to see how brilliant I am into this whole blogging thing. They are only my approach to telling what I understand and run through day-by-day. I’d be delighted if you inform me that you really like my weblog. But regardless of if you don’t, thanks again for dropping by.